New Rochelle Heights Racquet Tennis Club

Rochelle Heights Racquet Club

Did you know that for just $300 per year, you can join the Rochelle Heights Racquet Club and enjoy tennis from May until October. There are 2 red clay courts available for use, and while the courts are located within the Historic area, the courts are actually open to all – as long as they pay the dues! Interesting to note, when the court temperatures can register 100 degrees elsewhere , the courts in Rochelle Heights are 20 degrees cooler due to the shade provided. Sounds Great? There is more! As you get older, and those joints get stiffer, the red clay tennis court is gentler on those knees. Margaret Chadwick, Vice President of the Rochelle Heights Neighborhood Association mentioned that the 2 courts are perhaps the oldest non-private red clay courts in the United States !

All members are responsible for sweeping the courts after them, locking up, and having fun! For information regarding either the The Rochelle Heights Neighborhood Association or the Rochelle Racquet Club, please call Margaret at 914.633.4128

New Rochelle is GREAT!

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